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Moments of Change

Life Lessons and Shared Destinies.

Fate brought them torment. Tenacity turned their moving true stories into something beautiful.

Moments of Change is an inspiring compilation of real-life stories bonded by grief and transformation. If you like eye-opening interviews, relatable wisdom, and the threads that bring us together, this book might be the book for you. 

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Marie is a businesswoman who in 2020 left a successful career within finance to follow her dream - to become a writer.

In 2021, she published her first book "No. 204 is going home". A true story that does not leave the reader unmoved. In a naked authentic way she shares when she and her family ended up in the middle of the Phi Phi Island tsunami in 2004.

It´s an emotional journey from chaos back to life. Her honest words reflect pain, unconditional love, and an indomitable will to heal herself and her family.

The sequel "Moments of Change" was published in august 2022.

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No 204 is going Home

A true story of survival, love, motherhood and being human

It’s time. Time to let this story travel the world. I started to write this book in January 2005, and I guess I needed this time to let it all mature before I was ready to let it go, ready to give it wings of its own. Now is the right time. I know that.

This is not a Tsunami book – it’s a book about being a human.

A book about losing yourself and finding yourself again.

You, but so very different.

It’s about feeling as a failure as a parent when your children needed you the most and to deal with that feeling of guilt.

It’s a love story. About love for life. For family. For ourselves.

Most of all it’s a story about being human.

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......with love as our ground and foundation,
it will be okay in the end.




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