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If your book club is reading "No. 204 is going home" or "Moments of Change" and would like me to join via Zoom/Skype for a chat about the book- don´t hesitate - please reach out to me!

"We had the opportunity to include Marie when we discussed her book in our book club. It was a fantastic discussion that gave us new insights, new dimensions, and exciting topics. One woman even decided to quit her job and finally invest in realizing her dream! Many thanks Marie for taking your time! It was a conversation we'll never forget! Your warmth and strength inspired us all!"

-Anna HD


Questions for reflection and discussion

  • What three words would you use to describe the book?

  • Are there parts of the book you are still thinking about?

  • Has this book affected the way you look at your life? If so, in what way?

  • What are the passages that you underlined, or that particularly affected you?

  • What is the most important point the author makes in this book?

  • What was your favourite part of the book?

  • Did you race to the end, or was it more of a slow burn?

  • Which scene has stuck with you the most?

  • Did you reread any passages? If so, which ones?

  • Did reading the book impact your mood? If yes, how so?

  • What surprised you most about the book?

  • If you could ask the author anything, what would it be?

  • Do you think you will remember this book in a few months? If so, in what way?

  • Who do you most want to read this book?

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