A true story of survival, love, motherhood and being human.

It’s time. Time to let this story travel the world. I started to write this book in January 2005, and I guess I needed this time to let it all mature before I was ready to let it go, ready to give it wings of its own. Now is the right time. I know that.

This is not a Tsunami book – it’s a book about being a human.

A book about losing yourself and finding yourself again.

You, but so very different.

It’s about feeling as a failure as a parent when your children needed you the most and to deal with that feeling of guilt.

It’s a love story. About love for life. For family. For ourselves.

It’s a story about forgiveness. It took some time for me to forgive myself.
To forgive the panic attacks that hit me.

To forgive the ocean.

Most of all it’s a story about being human.

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