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Moments that change us.

Marie Lindstrom has chosen the crooked path, from an upbringing in the countryside outside a small town, Ronneby, to the music magazine Ok in Stockholm, model in Milan to a financial career and ultimately being responsible for the successful development of Nordea Private Banking Sweden's customer satisfaction.

Since 2020 she runs the consulting company Nynna AB  and divides her time between helping companies to develop their customer satisfaction and her writing. In 2021, she published her book  No. 204 is going home, a true story about how Marie and her family survived the tsunami at Phi  Phi  Island against all odds and their way back. Still, this is not a  tsunami book -  it's a strong genuine story about being human and parent, providing insights and recognition no matter what kind of crisis you have been through in your life.   

Marie as a lecturer reaches out and creates engagement even in digital formats / workshops.

Some topics that Marie lectures on;


  • Moments that change us. To get through a life crisis, as human, wife and mother, as an employee. What happens inside of us when everything changes? How can I, as a fellow human being, support a person going through a crisis?

  • Courage & Strength. As an organization. As a leader. Employees. Humans. To dare to be vulnerable and honest. To realize your fears and dare to challenge them. Not to be afraid of failure on the road toward success. And the importance of making new decisions along the way.

  • Everyone is talking about Customer Satisfaction today. As one of the most experienced and successful Customer Experience experts in Sweden, she has a huge experience and knowledge base to share. What is customer satisfaction all about? How can a company surprisingly fast and cost-effectively create sustainable change in a short period of time?  Marie is quick to find the small details that make a big difference.

"Marie has the very special ability to create a magnetic field around her when she speaks. To hear her talk is not only inspiring and stimulating, it's like traveling to an unknown country with an exciting sensation of the unknown in the stomach and at the same time a feeling of home and safety – and coming back from that journey with gifts for life. Always with a thoughtful, genuine and intelligent read thread."


I didn't know what passion was until I started writing books.

Time disappears, I feel neither hunger nor thirst, I am completely absorbed by the world I write about. The people in my books are so alive that it feels like they're part of my life.

My book "No. 204 is going home" is based on a true story and therefore completely different from the Romance series that will be published during 2022.

I hope that "No. 204 is going home" provides insights that leads to something good and positive in your life.

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