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There are many things that I love in life.

Like testing new things and challenge myself.

Appearing on a podcast has been on my wish list since I started planning the book launch.

Today, that dream came true.

As the pod is in Swedish I just wanted to pop in and share some of the conversation with you. It was a fantastic meeting with an amazing person, Susanne Pettersson. She is a mental coach for athletes, author and “Lecture of the year” in Sweden. Her podcast is called "Pass it on for a Better World", this specific episode is called "Naked in the midst of the crisis."

I've just listened to the episode myself for the first time and hear myself say things I've never said before. Like the moment when I find and meet my youngest son Axel and realize he's alive.

"When I saw him, my heart started to beat again. I don't think it was beating while I was underground.
When we met again, I went into the role of taking care of him, protecting him. Be his mother. I know that role better than the other one, the one where I had to be a survivor.... I don't know anything about that."

I let the words sink in.

We have so many layers.

So many different roles in life - some roles where we feel comfortable, others brand new and unfamiliar to us.

We hold so much love.

How multidimensional we are as beings.

How amazing we are created.

We are so much more than we understand.

Today I'm going to be in stillness.

I am going to be close to myself. Listen to my heart and soul.

Enjoy my coffee more than usually. Cuddle with my dog Elsa <3

We are here. Right here, right now.

Everything is not perfect. But those things that are good aroud us…let them grow today.

Sending you a big hug / Marie

Ps. Thoughts? Concerns? Questions? Let me know. I read all the emails, all comments on Instagram/Twitter etc.

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